Antennas and Telecommunications

Till lately the transmissions of radius and television made of analog form, but through this system the signals can change continuously.
In the actuality, the technology of digital transmission has developed so much for the television emissions via satellite as for the nets of distribution by cable, contributing the following advantages:
  • Images of TV of tall definition.
  • Main number of canals and available services.
  • Possibility to mix the signals transmitted.
  • Interactiveness.
But the emission or reception of digital transmissions demand a total reliability of all the components, so much passive like active, which have to show a uniform behaviour of all the technical parameters.
In SIAN ELECTRONIC work with the main marks of the sector, incorporating to our installations the best elements and technology.

In new work apply the normative ICT in narrow collaboration with the engineering, which guarantees that the edifices have of the necessary infrastructure so that the users can access to all the new services, having of equality of opportunities in the election of the different operators.

All this, complemented with the fulfillment of the normative ISO, which ensures an effective control of the work.


Installation  of antennas for communities or particular


Instalacion Of antennas parabolicas
Instalación de Torretas

Installation of Turrets

Under construction


Installations of ICT


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