Each day does more necessary the control of our surroundings in labour centres, centres of leisure or shopping, home addresses...

SIAN ELECTRONIC looks for solutions to maintain a total control without that perceive like a permanent annoyance for the user.

Can watch the garden or the canteen of our house being absentee in any part of the world with image and sound, control the warehouse, the chain of setting or the open tent to the public visualising what occurs, allows us take decisions to the instant, offering solution to the problem that poses us to the not to find us in the place that interests us examine.

You simply has to expose his needs and in SIAN ELECTRONICA will find him the best solution, making from the simplest installation until the most complex.
Alarmas para tu Negocio

Alarms for your Business

An alarm is not thing that can leave in hands of any one. Therefore in sian electronic work with the...
Videovigilancia para tu Negocio

Videovigilancia For your Business

To day of today is indispensable to have  his business watched the 24H of the day. Thefts, thefts, control of of...
Videovigilancia para Comunidades de Vecinos

Videovigilancia For Communities of Neighbours

They will have opened me or broken the mailbox? That painted found me in the elevator? Those that destrozos there will be...
Videovigilancia para el Hogar

Videovigilancia For the Home

We work with the best marks, so much of Electronic Porter as of Video Porter, offering the best service and...
Alarmas para el Hogar

Alarms for the Home

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