Sian Services of Electronics and Security

From 1970 in SIAN ELECTRONIC make installations of telecommunications with a clear aim; offer to the full client satisfaction in the work that commissions us.

Said aim achieves thanks to the wide EXPERIENCE of which enjoy our technicians, those who find prepared to advise in the diverse technological solutions that require , accompanied by a philosophy of


All this has allowed us maintain us like company stood out in Catalonia, obtaining the prize "Conexió" 2002 of the Federació Catalan d' Empreses Instal.ladores Of Telecomunicacions -Feceminte - or the recognition like SAT of Digital Plus and Canal Plus, among others.

Recognised by the Register d´Instal.ladors Of Telecomunicacions of Catalonia with the number 267, our initial activity was the catchment / distribution of individual and collective TV and in the actuality are specialised in catchment-distribution of digital TV and satelital, computer nets, security, alarms, control of accesses, porter and video-porter, enclosed circuit TV with control of cameras by internet, etc...


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Videoporteros And Porters

We work with the best marks, so much of Electronic Porter as of Video Porter, offering the best service and technology...
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Antennas and Telecommunications

Till lately the transmissions of radius and television made of analog form, but through this system...
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Systems of Security

Each day does more necessary the control of our surroundings in labour centres, centres of leisure or shopping, home addresses... - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat